Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalaam

Local Feedstuff Table of Local Feedstuff Province of NAD
No.Feedstuff NameProduction Capacity (Ton)Production Capacity (Month/ton)Location
1Local Corn77,006,42Sabang
Local Corn25,002,08Banda Aceh
Local Corn951,0079,25Aceh Besar
Local Corn2697,00224,75Pidie
Local Corn2505,00208,75Bireun
Local Corn3419,00284,92North Aceh
Local Corn345,0028,75City Lhokseumawe
Local Corn763,0063,58Middle Aceh
Local Corn915,0076,25East Aceh
Local Corn9,000,75Langsa City
Local Corn5273,00439,42Aceh Tamiang
Local Corn55188,004599,00South East Aceh
Local Corn179,0014,92Gayo Lues
Local Corn311,0025,92Aceh Jaya
Local Corn939,0078,25Western Aceh
Local Corn1250,00104,17Nagan Raya
Local Corn18,001,50Simeuleu
Local Corn1135,0094,58Southern Aceh
Local Corn1140,0095,00Aceh Singkil
Local Corn612,0051,00Aceh South West
2Paddy Bran2,000,17Sabang
Paddy Bran118,009,83Banda Aceh
Paddy Bran17,601,47Aceh Besar
Paddy Bran18,641,55Pidie
Paddy Bran13,681,14Bireun
Paddy Bran20,151,68North Aceh
Paddy Bran568,0047,33City Lhokseumawe
Paddy Bran4,400,37Middle Aceh
Paddy Bran15,301,28East Aceh
Paddy Bran663,0055,25Langsa City
Paddy Bran7569,00630,75Aceh Tamiang
Paddy Bran7323,00610,25South East Aceh
Paddy Bran6352,00529,33Gayo Lues
Paddy Bran5408,00450,67Aceh Jaya
Paddy Bran9654,00804,50Western Aceh
Paddy Bran10996,00916,33Nagan Raya
Paddy Bran2774,00231,17Simeuleu
Paddy Bran7127,00593,92Southern Aceh
Paddy Bran1747,00145,58Aceh Singkil
Paddy Bran4660,00388,33Aceh South West


Field Grass Table of Field Grass Province of NAD
No.Name Grass SpeciesVast Area (Ha)Capacity Production (ton/Month)Location
No Information


Pastura Area Table of Pastura Area Province NAD
No.LocationVast pasture Area (Ha)Production Capacity (Ton)/MonthOwnership
No Information


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