Terms of Reference (TOR) of The D-8 Working Group On Animal Feed






Recognizing the potentials of D-8 countries which are rich in natural resources, particularly agriculture, D-8 countries have placed agriculture as one of Key Programs within the D-8 Roadmap (2008-2018). In the 6th D-8 Summit in Malaysia in July 2008, D-8 leaders has noted with great concern the urgent need to address the current global shortage and skyrocketing prices of food items which pose a serious threat to socio-economic stability and agree to deepen its cooperation, including private sector involvement, to produce fertilizer, animal feed and the creation of seed bank to ease the supply of side constraints in agricultural inputs to boost food production in short, medium and long term.

In order to implement the necessitated action towards the improvement of food production in the D-8 countries, Malaysia hosted the D-8 Ministers Meeting on Food Security in Kuala Lumpur on 25-27 February 2009. The D-8 Ministers Meeting produce a document namely the “Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Address Food Security in D-8 Countries” which includes the agreed proposals by the D-8 member countries involving government and private sector to enhance its cooperation in agricultural sector through the appointment of prime movers to implement 5 initiatives, which are Seed Bank (Turkey and Iran), Animal Feed (Indonesia and Malaysia), Fertilizers (Egypt), Standards and Trade Issue (Iran and Turkey), and Marine and Fisheries (Indonesia). It was also agreed that the prime movers should already convened their first Workshop in 6 months after the Ministers Meeting.

In this regard, Malaysia and Indonesia as the prime mover of the D-8 initiatives on Animal Feed (WGAF), considers that it is timely for D-8 to set its groundwork as the basis for future cooperation. Such initiative, at the same time could reflects the D-8 responses to the increasing world demand on animal feed and to support local agricultural activities in D-8 countries.


The  Objectives of the D-8 WGAF are :

  1. To set and enhance cooperation in the production of animal feed as an important input in agriculture sector to meet the needs of animal feed of the D-8 member countries,
  2. To facilitate investment and trade in the animal feed production/business taking into consideration the needs of member countries;
  3. To encourage priva te sectors’ participation and public-private sector collaboration to develop D-8 member countries activities related to commercial issues.
  4. To enhance collaboration in research and development activities for  sustainable development of  animal feed production and related activities
  5. To implement capacity building programs for human resource development.
  6. To review and exchange information on Animal Feed.


D-8 WGAF cooperation shall cover the following areas:

  1. Exchange of information
  2. Promotion of joint investment and trade
  3. Cooperation in Research and Development
  4. Human resource development and capacity building
  5. Intensify private sector participation and public-private sector collaboration in D-8 animal feed cooperation, programmes, projects and activities
  6. Promote environmentally and socially responsible resource management and development


The meetings of the WGAF will be held at least once a year. The number of the WGAF meetings may be held more frequently if decided by WGAF members. The location, dates and the agenda of the meetings will be decided by the members of WGAF.


  1. D-8 WGAF Meeting shall be attended by government representatives and relevant experts from each D-8 countries.
  2. D-8 WGAF Meeting may invite the participation of the private sector and other relevant organizations or associations.


1.    The ToR of the WGAF shall be submitted to the D-8 Commission.

2.    Decisions of the WGAF Meetings shall be reflected in the Report of the Meeting for implementation.

3.    The Secretary General of D-8 shall submit the Report of the Meeting to the D-8 Commission meeting.


The D-8 Secretariat shall provide the WGAF with the necessary secretarial support in order to achieve its objectives.


1.    The Terms of Reference (TOR) for D-8 WGAF shall be subjected to review as and when necessary.

2.    Amendments to the TOR shall be made by consensus amongst D-8 Countries and shall be reflected as an Annex and form an integral part of the TOR.

3.    The revised TOR for D-8 WGAF shall be submitted to the D-8 Commission;



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