Seminar on Public Awareness: Feed Safety for Food Safety in the event of Indolivestock 2015

  • The seminar was held on Thursday, July 30, 2015 is housed in the Hall of the Diamond I Grand City Surabaya and Convex is one of a series of activities Indolivestock 2015. This seminar led by Dr.Ir. Murshid Ma’sum, Agr and filled in by some presenters and have a competence in the feed and livestock health, Drh. Desianto Budi Utomo, Ph.d (member of the Expert Commission feed) themed Performance Cattle Poultry provided Feed Containing certain hormones or Antibiotics and Affix the feed, Drh. Fajar Sumping Tjatur Rassa, Ph.d. (Chair of animal disease investigation Hall Wates) was themed to the influence of the ideas of Mixed feed that certain hormones or Antibiotics and Affix Feed against food safety for health of livestock and humans , and IR. Didiek P (member of the Expert Commission feed) themed Performance beef cattle given Feed Containing certain hormones or Antibiotics and Feed Additives.

    In the modern era where the demand for animal protein from cattle is increasing in number, wants farmers to seek various ways that can accelerate the growth of cattle and get more profit every time. One common way to do is by administering hormones or antibiotics can increase the productivity of livestock. In General, antibiotic or hormone has many functions that either one of them is able to optimize the productivity of the cattle and resulted in increased profit. This positive function can be realized if the growth hormones or antibiotics are given in numbers, the way, and the time is right. However, in practice, sometimes breeders forget this because of the demands of the era who continue to urge.

    Administering hormones or antibiotics that do not comply can lead to serious problems not only on cattle but also on man as the end consumer products farms. The grant is not appropriate on the cattle could result in growth and metabolism abnormality of livestock. The presence of residues of hormones and antibiotics in livestock due to awarding the body exceeds the normal limits can interfere with metabolism and hormonal balance in the human body, can also give rise to resistance will be various diseases which can be fatal to humans. Therefore, the need for oversight in the use of antibiotics and hormones in both small and large scale farms. The Government also has sought to find a solution of this problem by passing a list of hormone and antibiotic that can secure and used on cattle. Hopefully these efforts can bear good results i.e. cattle not only have good growth but also healthy and safe for consumption by humans.

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