Province of Central Java

Local Feedstuff
NoFeedstuff NameProduction Capacity (Month/Ton)Production Centra RegionProducer Adress
1Paddy Straw32165,602680,47District of Cilacap
Paddy Straw18520,991543,42District of Banyumas
Paddy Straw9270,57772,55District of Purbalingga
Paddy Straw15719,871309,99District of Banjarnegara
Paddy Straw19928,791660,73District of Kebumen
Paddy Straw12725,981060,50District of Purworejo
Paddy Straw21882,231823,52District of Wonosobo
Paddy Straw28750,252395,85District of Magelang
Paddy Straw16266,401355,53District of Boyolali
Paddy Straw11660,62971,72District of Klaten
Paddy Straw63965,135330,43District of Sukoharjo
Paddy Straw3158,55263,21District of Wonogiri
Paddy Straw12747,681062,31District of Karanganyar
Paddy Straw24877,262073,11District of Sragen
Paddy Straw23719,581976,63District of Grobogan
Paddy Straw18598,511549,88District of Blora
Paddy Straw31370,272614,19District of Rembang
Paddy Straw34571,212880,93District of Pati
Paddy Straw32165,602680,47District of Kudus
Paddy Straw23817,601984,80District of Jepara
Paddy Straw25915,542159,63District of Demak
Paddy Straw19975,091664,59District of Semarang
Paddy Straw7281,11606,76District of Temanggung
Paddy Straw1125,9393,83District of Kendal
Paddy Straw11020,19918,35District of Batang
Paddy Straw13499,131124,93District of Pekalongan
Paddy Straw24123,022010,25District of Pemalang
Paddy Straw26847,972237,33District of Tegal
Paddy Straw37790,013149,17District of Brebes
Paddy Straw291,4824,29City of Magelang
Paddy Straw40,933,41City of Surakarta
Paddy Straw352,7229,39City of Salatiga
Paddy Straw3990,89332,57City of Semarang
Paddy Straw1549,51129,13City of Pekalongan
Paddy Straw89,417,45City of Tegal
2Corn Straw4791,41399,28District of Cilacap
Corn Straw5770,24480,85District of Banyumas
Corn Straw47914,073992,84District of Purbalingga
Corn Straw19054,301587,86District of Banjarnegara
Corn Straw9026,15752,18District of Kebumen
Corn Straw4436,49369,71District of Purworejo
Corn Straw92093,097674,42District of Wonosobo
Corn Straw27295,142274,60District of Magelang
Corn Straw39022,423251,87District of Boyolali
Corn Straw10167,50847,29District of Klaten
Corn Straw9807,53817,29District of Sukoharjo
Corn Straw14648,821220,73District of Wonogiri
Corn Straw16879,201406,60District of Karanganyar
Corn Straw26547,952212,33District of Sragen
Corn Straw89495,897457,99District of Grobogan
Corn Straw129007,4710750,62District of Blora
Corn Straw138235,8611519,65District of Rembang
Corn Straw2717,93226,49District of Pati
Corn Straw4791,41399,28District of Kudus
Corn Straw2663,30221,94District of Jepara
Corn Straw33849,942820,83District of Demak
Corn Straw9348,01779,00District of Semarang
Corn Straw56925,284743,77District of Temanggung
Corn Straw5693,99474,50District of Kendal
Corn Straw29725,402477,12District of Batang
Corn Straw8583,44715,29District of Pekalongan
Corn Straw82468,066872,34District of Pemalang
Corn Straw36403,493033,62District of Tegal
Corn Straw38125,783177,15District of Brebes
Corn Straw1,820,15City of Magelang
Corn Straw0,000,00City of Surakarta
Corn Straw657,0054,75City of Salatiga
Corn Straw558,6446,55City of Semarang
Corn Straw0,000,00City of Pekalongan
Corn Straw0,000,00City of Tegal
3Casava Leaf1528,73127,39District of Cilacap
Casava Leaf1874,51156,21District of Banyumas
Casava Leaf2546,04212,17District of Purbalingga
Casava Leaf15739,161311,60District of Banjarnegara
Casava Leaf3806,27317,19District of Kebumen
Casava Leaf2121,21176,77District of Purworejo
Casava Leaf1644,96137,08District of Wonosobo
Casava Leaf1011,7984,32District of Magelang
Casava Leaf5134,50427,87District of Boyolali
Casava Leaf188,2915,69District of Klaten
Casava Leaf5269,79439,15District of Sukoharjo
Casava Leaf278,2623,19District of Wonogiri
Casava Leaf1798,96149,91District of Karanganyar
Casava Leaf1051,8987,66District of Sragen
Casava Leaf76,206,35District of Grobogan
Casava Leaf558,7846,56District of Blora
Casava Leaf32,722,73District of Rembang
Casava Leaf816,7068,06District of Pati
Casava Leaf1528,73127,39District of Kudus
Casava Leaf11560,17963,35District of Jepara
Casava Leaf189,2215,77District of Demak
Casava Leaf2484,08207,01District of Semarang
Casava Leaf965,3080,44District of Temanggung
Casava Leaf46,003,83District of Kendal
Casava Leaf407,1033,92District of Batang
Casava Leaf288,8324,07District of Pekalongan
Casava Leaf537,6844,81District of Pemalang
Casava Leaf335,9728,00District of Tegal
Casava Leaf678,2056,52District of Brebes
Casava Leaf0,000,00City of Magelang
Casava Leaf0,000,00City of Surakarta
Casava Leaf96,188,02City of Salatiga
Casava Leaf819,9768,33City of Semarang
Casava Leaf0,000,00City of Pekalongan
Casava Leaf0,000,00City of Tegal
4Sweat Potatoes Leaf239,0719,92District of Cilacap
Sweat Potatoes Leaf74,966,25District of Banyumas
Sweat Potatoes Leaf186,2615,52District of Purbalingga
Sweat Potatoes Leaf126,1810,52District of Banjarnegara
Sweat Potatoes Leaf36,913,08District of Kebumen
Sweat Potatoes Leaf51,114,26District of Purworejo
Sweat Potatoes Leaf528,6944,06District of Wonosobo
Sweat Potatoes Leaf710,9759,25District of Magelang
Sweat Potatoes Leaf276,0023,00District of Boyolali
Sweat Potatoes Leaf32,102,68District of Klaten
Sweat Potatoes Leaf1,700,14District of Sukoharjo
Sweat Potatoes Leaf6,550,55District of Wonogiri
Sweat Potatoes Leaf314,0326,17District of Karanganyar
Sweat Potatoes Leaf30,672,56District of Sragen
Sweat Potatoes Leaf8,030,67District of Grobogan
Sweat Potatoes Leaf147,0812,26District of Blora
Sweat Potatoes Leaf201,2816,77District of Rembang
Sweat Potatoes Leaf14,651,22District of Pati
Sweat Potatoes Leaf239,0719,92District of Kudus
Sweat Potatoes Leaf31,962,66District of Jepara
Sweat Potatoes Leaf85,757,15District of Demak
Sweat Potatoes Leaf1128,2894,02District of Semarang
Sweat Potatoes Leaf205,5717,13District of Temanggung
Sweat Potatoes Leaf12,001,00District of Kendal
Sweat Potatoes Leaf125,8810,49District of Batang
Sweat Potatoes Leaf96,548,04District of Pekalongan
Sweat Potatoes Leaf790,4065,87District of Pemalang
Sweat Potatoes Leaf207,6517,30District of Tegal
Sweat Potatoes Leaf145,3712,11District of Brebes
Sweat Potatoes Leaf0,000,00City of Magelang
Sweat Potatoes Leaf0,000,00City of Surakarta
Sweat Potatoes Leaf3,980,33City of Salatiga
Sweat Potatoes Leaf1,330,11City of Semarang
Sweat Potatoes Leaf0,000,00City of Pekalongan
Sweat Potatoes Leaf0,000,00City of Tegal
5Soybean Straw1245,53103,79District of Cilacap
Soybean Straw889,6674,14District of Banyumas
Soybean Straw98,058,17District of Purbalingga
Soybean Straw49,594,13District of Banjarnegara
Soybean Straw359,4229,95District of Kebumen
Soybean Straw700,3758,36District of Purworejo
Soybean Straw0,000,00District of Wonosobo
Soybean Straw4,540,38District of Magelang
Soybean Straw757,0063,08District of Boyolali
Soybean Straw352,8429,40District of Klaten
Soybean Straw1626,68135,56District of Sukoharjo
Soybean Straw1100,2891,69District of Wonogiri
Soybean Straw108,909,08District of Karanganyar
Soybean Straw1189,1299,09District of Sragen
Soybean Straw3071,55255,96District of Grobogan
Soybean Straw2308,33192,36District of Blora
Soybean Straw311,9726,00District of Rembang
Soybean Straw580,3648,36District of Pati
Soybean Straw0,130,01District of Kudus
Soybean Straw6,350,53District of Jepara
Soybean Straw1126,2893,86District of Demak
Soybean Straw54,394,53District of Semarang
Soybean Straw12,111,01District of Temanggung
Soybean Straw6,000,50District of Kendal
Soybean Straw3,030,25District of Batang
Soybean Straw49,594,13District of Pekalongan
Soybean Straw1,000,08District of Pemalang
Soybean Straw199,1316,59District of Tegal
Soybean Straw2191,22182,60District of Brebes
Soybean Straw0,000,00City of Magelang
Soybean Straw0,000,00City of Surakarta
Soybean Straw0,000,00City of Salatiga
Soybean Straw0,000,00City of Semarang
Soybean Straw0,000,00City of Pekalongan
Soybean Straw0,000,00City of Tegal
6Peanut Leaves691,8957,66District of Cilacap
Peanut Leaves1714,96142,91District of Banyumas
Peanut Leaves679,2356,60District of Purbalingga
Peanut Leaves265,6622,14District of Banjarnegara
Peanut Leaves1854,71154,56District of Kebumen
Peanut Leaves907,0575,59District of Purworejo
Peanut Leaves72,786,06District of Wonosobo
Peanut Leaves601,1950,10District of Magelang
Peanut Leaves2760,00230,00District of Boyolali
Peanut Leaves856,4371,37District of Klaten
Peanut Leaves4208,63350,72District of Sukoharjo
Peanut Leaves991,3082,61District of Wonogiri
Peanut Leaves4283,71356,98District of Karanganyar
Peanut Leaves3873,96322,83District of Sragen
Peanut Leaves313,6226,14District of Grobogan
Peanut Leaves0,000,00District of Blora
Peanut Leaves1043,2086,93District of Rembang
Peanut Leaves617,8051,48District of Pati
Peanut Leaves0,580,05District of Kudus
Peanut Leaves1594,65132,89District of Jepara
Peanut Leaves91,237,60District of Demak
Peanut Leaves254,9821,25District of Semarang
Peanut Leaves605,9350,49District of Temanggung
Peanut Leaves354,0029,50District of Kendal
Peanut Leaves233,6219,47District of Batang
Peanut Leaves11,600,97District of Pekalongan
Peanut Leaves158080,2913173,36District of Pemalang
Peanut Leaves752,0162,67District of Tegal
Peanut Leaves260,5121,71District of Brebes
Peanut Leaves0,000,00City of Magelang
Peanut Leaves0,000,00City of Surakarta
Peanut Leaves0,000,00City of Salatiga
Peanut Leaves57,274,77City of Semarang
Peanut Leaves0,000,00City of Pekalongan
Peanut Leaves0,530,04City of Tegal
7Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00District of Cilacap
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00District of Banyumas
Sugarcane Leaves145365,4012113,78District of Purbalingga
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00District of Banjarnegara
Sugarcane Leaves12260,021021,67District of Kebumen
Sugarcane Leaves88,007,33District of Purworejo
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00District of Wonosobo
Sugarcane Leaves317,8326,49District of Magelang
Sugarcane Leaves122,0010,17District of Boyolali
Sugarcane Leaves697,5658,13District of Klaten
Sugarcane Leaves1105,7192,14District of Sukoharjo
Sugarcane Leaves4,290,36District of Wonogiri
Sugarcane Leaves1185,6998,81District of Karanganyar
Sugarcane Leaves4528,72377,39District of Sragen
Sugarcane Leaves28,952,41District of Grobogan
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00District of Blora
Sugarcane Leaves516,6243,05District of Rembang
Sugarcane Leaves4463,26371,94District of Pati
Sugarcane Leaves0,520,04District of Kudus
Sugarcane Leaves15439,541286,63District of Jepara
Sugarcane Leaves16,071,34District of Demak
Sugarcane Leaves23,201,93District of Semarang
Sugarcane Leaves105,958,83District of Temanggung
Sugarcane Leaves7,000,58District of Kendal
Sugarcane Leaves577,4748,12District of Batang
Sugarcane Leaves5,510,46District of Pekalongan
Sugarcane Leaves2395,90199,66District of Pemalang
Sugarcane Leaves207,0017,25District of Tegal
Sugarcane Leaves3060,83255,07District of Brebes
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00City of Magelang
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00City of Surakarta
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00City of Salatiga
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00City of Semarang
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00City of Pekalongan
Sugarcane Leaves0,000,00City of Tegal
8Foliage5,220,44District of Cilacap
Foliage602,8350,24District of Banyumas
Foliage3772,21314,35District of Purbalingga
Foliage514,3042,86District of Banjarnegara
Foliage14114,201176,18District of Kebumen
Foliage0,090,01District of Purworejo
Foliage7346,44612,20District of Wonosobo
Foliage2,030,17District of Magelang
Foliage1,000,08District of Boyolali
Foliage177,3614,78District of Klaten
Foliage0,870,07District of Sukoharjo
Foliage1,670,14District of Wonogiri
Foliage0,000,00District of Karanganyar
Foliage4,940,41District of Sragen
Foliage205912,1217159,34District of Grobogan
Foliage0,000,00District of Blora
Foliage1944,11162,01District of Rembang
Foliage190,7515,90District of Pati
Foliage0,380,03District of Kudus
Foliage47,703,98District of Jepara
Foliage0,000,00District of Demak
Foliage1,410,12District of Semarang
Foliage2,040,17District of Temanggung
Foliage3,000,25District of Kendal
Foliage5,330,44District of Batang
Foliage1620,91135,08District of Pekalongan
Foliage7829,26652,44District of Pemalang
Foliage25236,612103,05District of Tegal
Foliage9,410,78District of Brebes
Foliage0,000,00City of Magelang
Foliage0,000,00City of Surakarta
Foliage1,000,08City of Salatiga
Foliage0,000,00City of Semarang
Foliage0,000,00City of Pekalongan
Foliage0,000,00City of Tegal


Field Grass Table of Field Grass Province of Central Java
No.Name Grass SpeciesVast Area (Ha)Capacity Production (ton/Month)Location
1Native Grass37.487District of Cilacap
Native Grass538.530District of Banyumas
Native Grass1.064District of Purbalingga
Native Grass694District of Banjarnegara
Native Grass481District of Kebumen
Native Grass2.856District of Purworejo
Native Grass2.971District of Wonosobo
Native Grass30.644District of Magelang
Native Grass8.587District of Boyolali
Native Grass12.433District of Klaten
Native Grass1.607District of Sukoharjo
Native Grass818District of Wonogiri
Native Grass302.262District of Karanganyar
Native Grass22.162District of Sragen
Native Grass233District of Grobogan
Native Grass2.237District of Blora
Native Grass9.572District of Rembang
Native Grass1.946District of Pati
Native Grass5District of Kudus
Native Grass905District of Jepara
Native Grass4.721District of Demak
Native Grass493.608District of Semarang
Native Grass9.046District of Temanggung
Native Grass2.880District of Kendal
Native Grass4.905District of Batang
Native Grass1.029District of Pekalongan
Native Grass41.012District of Pemalang
Native Grass4.613District of Tegal
Native Grass641District of Brebes
Native Grass27Magelang City
Native Grass0Surakarta City
Native Grass3.905Salatiga City
Native Grass1.357Semarang City
Native Grass106Pekalongan City
Native Grass1Tegal City
2Improved Grass2.825District of Cilacap
Improved Grass2.736District of Banyumas
Improved Grass4.015District of Purbalingga
Improved Grass150.425District of Banjarnegara
Improved Grass24District of Kebumen
Improved Grass79.748District of Magelang
Improved Grass31.008District of Boyolali
Improved Grass45.462District of Klaten
Improved Grass1.311District of Sukoharjo
Improved Grass18.814District of Wonogiri
Improved Grass25.142District of Karanganyar
Improved Grass340District of Sragen
Improved Grass696District of Grobogan
Improved Grass3.108District of Blora
Improved Grass6.813District of Rembang
Improved Grass2.271District of Pati
Improved Grass13District of Kudus
Improved Grass550District of Jepara
Improved Grass107District of Demak
Improved Grass966.326District of Semarang
Improved Grass44.881District of Temanggung
Improved Grass816District of Kendal
Improved Grass3.332District of Batang
Improved Grass5.112District of Pekalongan
Improved Grass11.124District of Pemalang
Improved Grass3.643District of Tegal
Improved Grass1.182District of Brebes
Improved Grass6.749Salatiga City
Improved Grass1.491Semarang City
Improved Grass0Pekalongan City
Improved Grass1Tegal City


Pastura Area Table of Pastura Area Province of Central Java
No.LocationVast pasture Area (Ha)Production Capacity (Ton)/MonthOwnership
No Information


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