Province of West Nusa Tenggara

Local Feedstuff Table of Local Feedstuff Province of West Nusa Tenggara
NoFeed Stuff Name(Production Capacity (Ton/Year)Production Centra RegionProducer Adress
1Local Corn24District of Mataram
Local Corn9.991District of West Lombok
Local Corn2.000District of Centre Lombok
Local Corn24.494District of East Lombok
Local Corn24.397District of Sumbawa
Local Corn2.645District of Dompu
Local Corn6.988District of Bima
Local Corn736Bima City
2Paddy Bran1.716District of Mataram
Paddy Bran17.601District of West Lombok
Paddy Bran32.934District of Centre Lombok
Paddy Bran25.676District of East Lombok
Paddy Bran31.795District of Sumbawa
Paddy Bran12.544District of Dompu
Paddy Bran21.789District of Bima
Paddy Bran2.622Bima City


Field Grass Table of Field Grass Province of West Nusa Tenggara
No.Name Grass SpeciesVast Area (Ha)Capacity Production (ton/Month)Location
No Information


Pastura Area Table of Pastura Area Province of West Nusa Tenggara
No.LocationVast pasture Area (Ha)Production Capacity (Ton)/MonthOwnership
1SubDistrict of Doroncanga dan Puma, District of Dompu275-Civil
2District of Dompu1142,78-PT. Asia Tunggal Inti
3District of Dompu1043,24-PT. Tugu Vanila Jaya
4District of Dompu200-PT. Purna Yuda
5District of Dompu200-PT. Lawata Permai
6District of Sumbawa Barat1.795-Civil
7District of Sumbawa26.730-Civil
8District of Dompu34.956-Civil
9District of Bima10.372-Civil
10City Of Bima75-Civil


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