Province of Sulawesi Tenggara

Local Feedstuff Table of Local Feedstuff Province of Sulawesi Tenggara
NoFeed Stuff NameProduction Capacity/Month TonProduction Centra RegionProducer Adress
1Mash Of Corn-District of Muna-
2Cacao By Product-District of Kolaka and District of South Konawe-
3Rice Bran-District of Konawe and District of Kolaka-
4Fish Meal-District of South Konawe, District of Buton, District of Wakatobi-
5Paddy Straw-District of Konawe-
6Sago Dregs-District of Konawe Utara-
7Crab Skin Meal-District of South Konawe-
8Corn Straw-District of Konawe-


Field Grass Table of Field Grass Province of Sulawesi Tenggara
No.Name Grass SpeciesArea (Ha)Capacity Production ton/MonthLocation
1Nappier Grass and setaria grass (Pennisetum purpureum & Setaria Decumbens)8-provincial technical unit
2Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum )19,41,3District of Bau-bau
3King Grass18,91,3District of Bau-bau
4Field Grass131,11,3District of Bau-bau
5Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum)800,5SubDistrict of Kaputori District of Buton
6(Penissetum perpureum & P. phurpoides)155District of Muna
7Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum)109District of South Konawe
8(Brachiaria Decumbens)2010District of South Konawe
9Setaria30District of South Konawe
10Legum (Leguminosa)1District of South Konawe
11Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum)3015District of Buton
12Napier Grass & Gamal (Penissetum purpureum & Gliricidia sepium)21District of Buton
13Napier Grass (Penissetum perpureum) & King Grass11District of Kolaka north
14Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum)20,510District of Bombana
15(Setaria Grass, Melato Grass, Penisetum purpureum & King Grass)14,636District of Kolaka
16Pangola Grass & Panisetum Purpureum20.60020,6District of Konawe


Pastura Area Table of Pastura Area Province of Sulawesi Tenggara
No.LocationArea (Ha)Production Capacity (Ton/Month)Ownership
ASmall Scale
1District Muna80.627Rural Community
2District Kolaka62.235Rural Community
3District North Buton47.027Rural Community
4District Wakatobi26.189Rural Community
5District Konawe40.280Rural Community
6District South Konawe26.579Rural Community
7City Kendari20Rural Community
8City Bau-bau19Rural Community
BMidle Scale
1District Muna155.427Rural Community
2District Kolaka112.515Rural Community
3District North Buton52.500Rural Community
4District Wakatobi3.877Rural Community
5District Konawe36.757Rural Community
6District North Konawe4.788Rural Community
7City Kendari38Rural Community
8City Bau-bau37Rural Community
CSkala Besar (Big Scale)
1Subdistrict Bombana32.100Rural Community
2District North Kolaka3.050Rural Community
3District Buton8.030Rural Community
4District Konawe north7.905Rural Community


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