The 16th Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies (AAAP) Congress 10-14 November 2014 in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production Societies

The theme of the 16th AAAP Congress is “Sustainable Livestock Production in the Perspective of Food Security, Policy, Genetic Resources and Climate Change”. We believe that animal production in Asia and Australasia has become important and strategic sector to provide high quality food, opening up job opportunities, as well as improving farmer’s welfare. Animal science communities, therefore, have to support this growing interest by providing more appropriate and relevant technologies to improve efficiency of resources utilization to produce more animal protein food by member countries. Long term sustainable livestock production will, therefore, be significantly influenced by the national food policy, climate change issues, as well as conserved environments and genetic resources. This congress will keep its tradition to be a forum of communication among researchers, academician, industries, and related stakeholders among Asian-Australasian countries. Our continuous effort to improve animal protein food production should be built upon the collaboration and cooperative efforts between scientists who have already contributed significantly to livestock production in the region.

Scope of AAAP: AAAP is established to devote for the efficient animal production in the Asian-Australasian region through national, regional, international cooperation and academic conferences.

Brief History of AAAP: AAAP was founded in 1980 with 8 charter members representing 8 countries-those are Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Thailand. Then, the society representing Taiwan joined AAAP in 1982 followed by Bangladesh in 1987, Papua New Guinea in 1990, India and Vietnam in 1992, Mongolia, Nepal and Pakistan in 1994, Iran in 2002, Sri Lanka and China in 2006 , thereafter currently 19 members.

Major Activities of AAAP: Biennial AAAP Animal Science Congress, Publications of the Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences and proceedings of the AAAP congress and symposia and Acknowledgement awards for the contribution of AAAP scientists.

Organization of AAAP:

∙ President: Recommended by the national society hosting the next biennial AAAP Animal Science Congress and approved by Council meeting and serve 2 years.

∙ Two Vice Presidents: One represents the present host society and the other represents next host society of the very next AAAP Animal Science Congress.

∙ Secretary General: All managerial works for AAAP with 6 years term by approval by the council

∙ Council Members: AAAP president, vice presidents, secretary general and each presidents or representative of each member society are members of the council. The council decides congress venue and many important agenda of AAAP

Office of AAAP:Decided by the council to have the permanent office of AAAP in Korea. Currently# 909 Korea Sci&Tech Center Seoul 135-703, Korea

Official Journal of AAAP: Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci. ISSN 1011-2367. http://www.ajas.info) is published monthly with its main office in Korea

Current 19 Member Societies of AAAP:

ASAP(Australia), BAHA(Bangladesh), CAASVM(China), IAAP(India), ISAS(Indonesia), IAAS(Iran), JSAS(Japan), KSAST(Korea), MSAP(Malaysia), MLSBA(Mongolia), NASA(Nepal), NZSAP(New Zealand), PAHA(Pakistan),PNGSA(PapuaNewGuinea), PSAS(Philippines), SLAAP(Sri Lanka), CSAS(Taiwan),AHAT(Thailand),AHAV(Vietnam).

Previous Venues of AAAP Animal Science Congress and AAAP Presidents

SOURCE and courtesy : http://aaap2014.ugm.ac.id/

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